The Hermosa Music Company is at
636 Cypress Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.

Please arrive 30-45 minutes before your call time.  Shockboxx will have their roll up door open and will be used as the Green Room.  Please keep the volume level down as this isn't exactly an airtight soundproof facility.  We will have hand Sanitizer available both in HMC and in ShockBoxx.


Artists only.
Sorry, there just is not much space for this and every extra person is increasing the risk that we all get sick.


Park where you can, the city lot adjacent to Shockboxx is fine, any of the spaces in front of HMC are fine, and on the Northwest corner of 6th & Cypress.  If you know where Russ lives on Loma one block up, the spaces in front of his home are fine as well.


Your tip jar Venmo code will be on the screen while you're playing and that goes straight to you.  The main "haul" will be split evenly once we cover expenses.

Please do not enter the main HMC facility until the door is opened and you are invited in.  We don't have an "On Air" light but we will be broadcasting continually.

When you enter, please stay quiet.  Kevin will be on camera and interviewing people at the table to give time for artists to change over without having to broadcast it.  There will be a taped path on the door to ensure we stay out of the camera shot.  Again, please stay quiet.

Keep noodling and sound testing to a minimum... we'll be on camera the entire time.

The GoFundMe page is here:

Prior to the event starting, this is the best link to share as it's the fewest number of clicks between finding out about this and donating.

Once we get started tomorrow, the feed will be broadcast on a Facebook Page for the Stream-A-Thon, on YouTube, and the embedded stream will be on this page.

We suggest we all primarily share the Facebook link to ensure maximum visibility on Facebook.

The YouTube link is for those who have deleted Facebook and should be considered the alternate viewing location.  As such, it shouldn't be promoted too much.

You can grab images to share on Instagram and Facebook Here:

Key contact numbers:

Kevin Sousa 310-447-1318 (Scheduling, logistics, and other stuff)

Russ Gilbert 513-484-2586 (Digital assets & to complain about this website)